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Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries can be so prolific that the branches are hanging very low dripping with the dark red fruit. So it seems a shame not to utilise on this incredible fruit.

Crab Apple & Blackberry Butter

A fruit butter so called because it spreads like butter, looses all links to dairy butters at this point. Its a soft set mix of fruit puree and sugar, that goes wonderfully with a whole mix of options, on toast, stirred into greek yogurt, with roasted venison and with BBQ duck breast.

Foraging & the law

This article is meant as a brief overview of the main legislation that covers foraging in the UK.
Firstly, Walking on private land in England and Wales, without permission implicit or explicit is trespass, this isn’t a crime but is a civil offence, and you can be sued. Implicit permission is given in many areas, such as land owned by the Wildlife Trust, National Trust, local authorities etc. Scotland has a right to roam with a few exceptions.

A walk in the woods. A walk through time.

Walking through the ancient woodlands of the Wye Valley on the Welsh Borders. I was enjoying the towering beeches and the oaks, the natural regeneration of other species underneath them. The peregrines calling as they flew over head, the alarm calls of the smaller birds as they stired and listening to the tawny owls settle back down for the day.

Chutney Making

How to make a traditional apple & onion chutney

It’s that time of year again when the berries, and fruits are calling out for our attention.

Growing up on small holding in rural Surrey, I was raised producing these preserves year-on-year to store the garden’s produce. This recipe is adapted from a Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food recipe from WW2 and is commonly referred to by friends and family now as Chaldon Chutney after the village I grew up in.

In the Woods – January Tallow Candles

As the nights were getting longer, I was intrigued about natural ways to bring light to camp. I’d collected some clay from Pippin Wood and wanted to make use of this too. A plan for my next experiment was forming. I started experimenting with making candles. First step was to make thumb pots out of the clay and air-dry them.

Tales in the Tipi Returns to Talybont-on-Usk

Dates for the diary After the success of Tales in the Tipi last autumn we are returning to Gilestone Farm, Talybont-on-Usk for 2019. Tales in the Tipi will follow the seasons, marking the start of each new season. Each evening will have a children’s event and an adult event too. Welcoming in Spring on the

In the Woods – December

There is still foraging to be had, even as the nights draw ever closer to the shortest day. This week on a walk I found water mint, clover, dandelions, hairy bitter cress, jelly ear mushrooms, ground ivy and wood sorrel. The long evenings are a perfect time for finishing off projects and checking over stored

Winter – The season for blankets, warm fires…

and walks on bright, crisp, frosty mornings. Not everything has hibernated yet, and we don’t have to either. I recently saw hedgehog tracks in a woodland, and watched a king fisher on the banks of the River Usk. Winter can seem like a time to batten down the hatches, but the lack of leaves on