Bushcraft Foundations Course




Join us to discover knowledge, appreciation and awareness of the everyday, in a very non everyday day. Increase your sense of connection to and understanding of the environments around you.

We promise you will never walk though the woods in the same way again.

On this jam packed one day bushcraft course you will learn the foundations of bushcraft;

  • Have a go at constructing a natural shelter,
  • Develop basic safe knife use,
  • Learn how to collect and purify water
  • Learn a range of fire lighting techniques, using natural and man made tinders,
  • Be able to identify common tree and plant ID, and know some uses for each of them,
  • Make string out of natural materials,
  • Try out some natural navigation techniques.

No previous bushcraft experience is necessary, you’ll be surprised at how much breath and depth of the building blocks of bushcraft lore we cover on this course.


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Gilestone Wood – Brecon Beacons