Family Bushcraft Overnight Adventure




Spend a night in our hand picked woodlands, rediscovering your inner child. Our family bushcraft overnight adventure is a great family bonding experience. You will all be stretched, learn new things and see the woods in a new light.

Adults: £115

Children: £65

10am to 12noon the following day.

Food included.

Children aged 8+, One adult can accompany up to two children.

Starting off a packed day you’ll build shelters out of natural materials, and test them out to see how much rain they can keep out!

Child in Shelter

We’ll will then go on a short walk though the woods, where you’ll learn to identify a range of trees and plants as well as discover what we can use them for. After the walk you’ll prepare and cook your lunch over a fire you have helped to build and tend.

After lunch, when you’ve got nice full bellies it’s time to learn how to use knives safely. Everyone will go home with a sculpture or tool you have created.

Next, its time for the fire lighting to begin! Lighting fires using a whole range of methods, including but not limited to batteries and wire wool, fire by friction and traditional flint and steel. Having got your fire started and established, the final challenge is to create a system to cook over it on an adjustable pot hanger.

Dinner time!


Pot hanger demonstration - Kids groupThis will be a communal cook over the main fire and finished off with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the campfire. If there is popular demand Lizzy will tell one of her stories from her Tales in the Tipi sessions. After this, we will head off to do a night hike, hopefully catching sight of bats as they flit along the canal or above the lake. If you are very lucky we might even catch sight of the elusive badgers, whist we see who can make the best tawny owl impression. If the weather permits we’ll learn about the constellations, some of their legends and how to find North using them.

After a very full on day you’ll head off to your shelter for a well deserved sleep.

Day 2:

Waking up in the morning to the sound of birdsong you’ll cook your breakfast of damper bread, a traditional flat bread used by travellers around the world.

Children Playing with plants - Bushcraft Family

Before learning how to collect and purify water to make it safe to drink. To top it all off you’ll make a bracelet, necklace or keyring with natural cordage and natural beads to remember your time away in the woods before packing up camp, and heading back home.