Child in Shelter - Long

Family Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

Spend a 26 hours in the woods rediscovering your inner child. Our family bushcraft overnight is a great family bonding experience. You will all be stretched, learn new things and see the woods in a new light.

In Brief on our family bushcraft overnight course you’ll:

Build shelters out of natural materials;

Walk though the woods, and to identify trees and plants;

Children Looking
Identifying plants in the grass

Prepare and cook your lunch over a fire;

Learn safe knife use to create a sculpture or tool;

Light fires using a range of methods;

Create a system to cook over it on an adjustable pot hanger;

Dinner time! Finished off with hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows around the campfire;

Night hike, with the potential to see bats, badgers and learn about the stars;

Finally it’s time for bed in your shelter.

Wake up to cook breakfast;

Collect and purify water;

Make a bracelet, necklace or keyring with natural cordage;

Pack up camp;

Home to sleep and enjoy knowledge you’ll own for a lifetime.