Weekend Bushcraft Course - Knife Work

Weekend Bushcraft Course

On our Weekend Bushcraft Course we have time to look at everything in greater depth and breadth.

You’ll learn a range of fire lighting techniques and lays for different weather conditions and situations. Also, you will have the chance to try your hand at group fire by friction. We will look at a range of trees and plants; how to identify them at various stages throughout the year, and what uses we have for them. On our two day course, you will learn safe knife use, including various techniques for splitting, and cutting larger sticks. You will discover safe water collection and filtration techniques.

Combining all this newfound knowledge on the second day of your bushcraft course you’ll make your own string out of natural materials, and brew a cup of tea over a fire with water you’ve collected yourself.

Dinner for Saturday evening, breakfast and lunch on Sunday are all included, we do not live off the land on our weekend bushcraft course.

On our weekend course you’ll have the opportunity to sleep in a shelter that you’ve helped improve, or a hammock and tarp setup that you’ve created. Of course, if you’d prefer to sleep in your own tent or stay at a nearby B&B that option is available too.